GO! Geocaching

Go Geocaching! Geocaching (pronounced geo-cashing),

Get a Clue, in a worldwide game of hiding and seeking treasure. A geocacher can place a geocache anywhere in the world, pinpoint its location using GPS technology and then share the geocache’s existence and location online. Anyone with a GPS unit can then try to locate the geocache.

Okay, so a GPS is that thing that is being placed in all those new high tech cars. It tells you where to go. You are NOT going to be able to use that one for the game though, it’s attached. You need one that you can carry in your hands.  You probably have one in your phone or Look in the hunting and fishing area of Walmart/Target. You just need the software.

Log on to http://www.geocaching.com for more information and sign up for your free account. Do a search for geocaches that are near you and go find some “treasure.” Kids love it. Puzzle caches are great for the thinkers in your life. It’s time spent together talking and exercising without thinking about it.