Disappearing Hourglass

The Hourglass Quilt was the first quilt I could identify, as a child. It is simplistic. When you see the word Disappearing it means the basic block will be cut and shuffled to make a new block configuration.

The Missouri Star Quilt Company has published two videos about the disappearing Hourglass which are the inspiration for this post. These versions use precuts called layer cakes. Precuts are more expensive than straight yardage, but offer variety in one bundle.

Variation Three: I wanted to hand out written instructions that could be followed step-by-step, but none were available, free of charge on the Missouri Star site, but I did find some at Hobby Stash. There are lovely diagrams and explanations. (A slightly different method than the Missouri Star method.) I won’t vouch for the fabric requirements, as I fly by the seat of my pants on many quilting projects and I used information from many sites to complete my quilt.