I am Lisa.

I am a native resident of Fort Wayne, IN. I am very proud of my hometown and my state. I have been married to the same man, Jon, for over 30 years.

My children are grown and flown, but that doesn’t mean that I will quit mothering them any time soon. They are Awesome Women. Carrie, the elder, is an important part of the nation’s commitment to clean water and works for American Water. Carrie is wife to Adam and they have four  children. Allison is a Real Estate agent working to find homes for individuals and families in Northeast Indiana, with Olinger & Associates.

My first professional career was as an educator. That is a theme that underlies most of my endeavors. I hope that my writings will entertain you,  educate, and somehow enrich your life. I taught elementary and college level courses.

Technology has played a big role in my life. My first computer was a TI-99. I couldn’t afford an Apple computer, that I desired as a teenager. I learned to do a little programming. I was fascinated with the World  Wide Web and the ability to expand research capabilities into any home. I worked as a district technology coordinator. I hope that I have impacted the greater cause of technology integration in the classroom, wherever that classroom, may be.

I love artistic expressions. My college professors would tell you that I am not an artist, I’m a crafter. I accept that. Please look at my Quilting Pages for  more information.