Longarm Quilting

We appreciate the time and hard work that you have put into your unique work of art. Our goal is to compliment your efforts with care.

Services Offered:

  • Edge to Edge Quilting
  • Custom Free Motion Machine Quilting
  • Machine Basting for Hand Quilters and Free Motion
  • Yardage quilting

Price Guide Per Square Inch (psi)
  • Minimum charge per order is $50.00
  • Basic Edge-to-edge…$0.015 per square inch
    A continuous repeating design over the entire quilt from edge to edge.
  • Custom Quilting …$0.02 per square inch and up
    Gives you a “one-of-a-kind” free motion quilt.
  • Yardage Quilting …$0.015 per square inch
    for a variety of sewing projects.
  • Machine Basting…$0.01 per square inch Minimum charge does not apply for this service

Determing the Price for your quilt:

Multiply the width of your quilt by the length to get 
the total square inches. IE:  82" X 65"=5330" squared. 
Then multiply by price of service:  5330" X 0.02 = $106.60.

Please call for questions and a price quote. Pick up/Delivery and shipping available.


Thread price is included. We also offer selection of solid and variegated threads to coordinate with your top


I do not provide or sell batting. You must provide me with the batting of your choice.

Modern Polyester battings come in two forms dense sheet, similar to a cotton batt and an airy sheet, similar to a wool batt. I do not recommend or enjoy quilting thick polyester batts, but will at your request,

I suggest Warm and Natural Batting or similar in both cotton 100% and in an 80/20 (cotton/polyester) blend. Weight wise, the 80/20 is lighter and also holds it’s shape well.

I have quilted with wool batting. It is truly the most amazing batt. Wool is great for winter warmth. What is surprising is the fantastic breathability of wool. You will not believe how comfortable a summer night can be under the same quilt. A modern wool batt is also light and airy.

Scheduling Quilts

Quilts are done in the order they are received. Generally first in is first out. Usually, the quilting time is 3- 6 weeks from receiving of the top and all materials. Plan ahead for graduation and wedding quilts in the busy summer months.

Christmas Quilts

Over the years, the Christmas season has had a pronounced influx of quilts. To get the greatest number of quilts done we request that quilts be submitted by October 31st to be returned to the owner in December. All Christmas Quilts must be clearly marked on the work order form.